Monday, December 10, 2012

Goodreads Choice Awards Giveaway Winners!

I ended up getting to the giveaway earlier than I thought, so I'm going to put this post up now instead of tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who entered! There were over 1,000 entries, which is amazing, particularly in just three days total, and so many lovely congratulatory messages among them. I wish I could give you all books, seriously.

I just e-mailed the winners, and there were six of them instead of five because I generated an extra random number by mistake and then said, to hell with it, I'll just give away six. (Also, Six of "Four and Six," you know.) So if you are not a compulsive e-mail checker like I am, go check the e-mail you used to send in your entry to see if you were one of them.

To everyone else, I give this consolation prize, which is a picture of a kitten that recently melted my brain with cute (thank you,, for many such brain melting incidents):

(original from here)
Thank you again for voting, Initiates of Goodreads! And, more importantly, for reading the books.



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