Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting Festive

We're going to get a real Christmas tree sometime this week, but I couldn't get rid of the itch to start decorating, so we got the lights today. These are the globe lights that will cover our Christmas tree:

I've always had a thing about lights-- when I was little I was allowed to decorate my bedroom for the holidays, so I always put up white lights on my walls or wrapped them around my furniture. Now that I'm an adult I get to do it to my living room instead! (AND I CAN EAT ALL THE CANDY I WANT AND STAY UP LATE READING BOOKS IN BED. So there.)

Last but not least: we've had this skeleton hanging up on our door since Halloween. His name is Phillip. (He has no lower jaw. It's very sad.) I thought it would be amusing to give him a Santa hat rather than take him down completely. There's also a small ornament hanging from his wrist:

As I said to the husband earlier, "Even during the holiday season we should be reminded of our own mortality." (Morbid jokes. I make them.)

Our neighbors are going to think we're so weird. And they're going to be right.


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