Wednesday, October 31, 2012

KidLitCares Auction!

Cool things are happening! Courtesy of the organizational skills of my fellow author Kate Messner, a lot of people in the children's literature (or "Kid Lit") community are donating auction items to raise money for the Red Cross disaster relief fund.

I have an auction item up myself, directed primarily at teachers, librarians, or people in book clubs (so basically, groups that read!)-- I'm offering up a 20-minute (or thereabouts) Skype visit with your group, during which I can: chat about book things! Give writing advice! Show you how to make paper hats!-- whatever you want, really. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in and you want to/are able to donate to Red Cross, please check out my item page here:

If that's not exactly something you're interested in, but you want to look at the other auction items, you can do that here:

If you don't have the means to help out with these things, you can help anyway by spreading the word about the auction or by donating blood to the Red Cross, because I hear they need donations!



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