Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Movie Update!

Oh hi. Remember when I promised you that I would update you on movie stuff when there was information to update you about? Well, today there was this:

As with any movie-related thing, I feel that I should help out with interpreting the information since I, too, was helped to interpret the information. Here we go:

What This Does NOT (!) Mean: ALL IS SET IN STONE. Everything will happen exactly as anticipated! Everything in the universe is now in alignment and there will be rainbow glitter fairies floating around my head 24-7! Yay!

As we have learned together over the past few years, my darlings, Hollywood is a little tricksy because there are so many things to get in perfect order in order to make things happen. Nothing is final until your buns are in the movie theater chair. That is why I mostly keep my head down and work on book 3 and sometimes sleep.

What This DOES (!) Mean: We of the Divergent book/movie team are excited, enthusiastic, and have some momentum! Things are looking good, guys. So let's wait and see what happens next. (Possibly with nail biting. And that compulsive knee jiggling I love so much.)

Seriously, though: while not a guarantee (and really, is anything guaranteed in this life except death? WOW why did this blog post take such a morbid turn? I must be tired), this is a great sign and I am very happy about it.


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