Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Clarification About "Free Four"

Because I’ve seen some confusion floating around The Interwebz…

You may have noticed that you can pre-order “Free Four” (the knife-throwing scene from Divergent as told from Four’s POV) as an e-booklet in a variety of places. This is the same thing that was available on Facebook, but we were getting a lot of requests for a more permanent version (ie: one that you can put on your e-reader, so you don’t always have to be on facebook to read it), and that’s what this is. It is 99 cents, and only in e-book form.

It is NOT a whole book from Four’s perspective. It is just a scene. (I would have had to have magical powers to write a longer piece from his perspective in just a few months— magical powers, I tell you!)

Just didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up! I’m still working away on Book 3.


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