Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Free Four! (Insurgent Pre-Order Campaign)

Many of you might already know this, but when I sat down with the idea that would later become Divergent, my freshman year of college, I wrote it from the point of view of a character named Tobias. Since I admitted that the first time, a lot of people have asked if I would ever consider writing from his perspective again.

Recently I've given vague answers to this question and then cackled madly to myself at my computer, because I already HAD written from his perspective again, in the form of one scene, for this pre-order campaign that was launched yesterday. You can see the widget on the right sidebar of this blog, in fact, and you can get it here:

Basically, here's the deal: I wrote a Divergent scene from Four's perspective. After we reach 35,000 Insurgent pre-orders, my publisher will release the scene to you, the readers. 

If you have already pre-ordered Insurgent, you have contributed to this goal without knowing it-- yay! Your work here is done.

If you have not pre-ordered yet, and you want to, you can do so from your local independent bookstore, or any retailer of your choosing. If you're feeling particularly enthusiastic, you can encourage other people to pre-order Insurgent, too (especially if you know they were going to buy it anyway!).

For me this whole bonanza was less about hitting a particular goal and more about giving something back to readers who have been supportive for a long time, since you are the ones paying attention to stuff like this. Sometimes it's hard to be an early reader-- you don't get a paperback, no one knows what you're talking about, you have to wait the longest for the sequel, when your friends discover it you feel like you've lost your indie cred-- but now you get to read something extra. I feel pretty good about this plan.

I had a lot of fun doing this. I thought it would be difficult, because part of what makes Four interesting as a character, to me, is this wall he puts up between himself and other people, and writing from his perspective meant taking down that wall to see what was really behind it. Strangely, it wasn't. I think I spent a lot more time in Four's head than I realized, though I was always writing from Tris's perspective. I sort of knew how he sounded and what he thought about things. (Obviously it still took a lot of work, but I wasn't STUCK like I thought I might be.)

The biggest challenge was actually choosing the right scene, one that could give the most interesting insights into his character and his relationships. I went through the whole book with sticky notes, searching for my best options, and vacillated between two options for about a day before landing on the right one.

This was really good for me, because it gave me a fuller understanding of his character and of what he was going through while Tris was an initiate. I'm confident that some things in the scene will surprise you, because they definitely surprised me.

Now that I am talking about this I have realized that I AM SO ANTSY FOR YOU ALL TO READ THIS AHHHH.

I mean...insert something more dignified here. Ahem.

(P.S. Because some of you have asked, I'll be announcing Insurgent giveaway winners later today, probably in the late afternoon or evening.)


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