Friday, April 27, 2012

Five Factions Five Days, Day Two: Amity

Welcome to day two of the Five Factions Five Days event, in which one faction TAKES OVER ALL THE INTERNET, especially the Divergent facebook page: Today is AMITY DAY, and if you call that faction your own, feel free to post stories of Amity-style triumph, pictures of Amity-style things (or your personal Amity style), or, because Amity is (more than any other) the faction of artists and poets, your Amity-style art of any kind. You can also post them here. Or on Twitter, while tagging @harperteen.

I had a bit of trouble with this one, guys. I own maybe four items of clothing in either red or yellow. I had exactly two potential outfits. I chose the one I did because it was more flouncy, which seemed appropriate. I don't generally advocate wearing two warm colors together (my own personal fashion rules), but I think it turned out all right this time.

Now, the Amity don't play a big role in Divergent, but let's see what I can come up with for "textual evidence":

A group of Amity girls in yellow and red sit in a circle on the cafeteria floor, playing some kind of hand-slapping game involving a rhyming song. (page 9)

There are some other lines, but they mostly just mention an Amity person wearing yellow and/or red. In my mind, though, Amity girls usually wear dresses and skirts, and they're all less strict about wearing clothing associated with other factions (so an Erudite transfer would be able to wear his blue jeans without causing a ruckus. THERE ARE NO RUCKUSES IN AMITY).

Without further ado: 50% of my red and yellow clothing!

An orange: because the Amity are all about fruit. And trees in the background, because the Amity are all about trees (but it's cold out today so I stayed inside).

Playing with puppies seems to me like a very Amitylike activity, so there's little Avi.

Four days until Insurgent!

Be kind.

Author out.


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