Thursday, March 1, 2012

For Your Entertainment: The Choosing Ceremony

So, remember before the Divergent release when some of you discovered the faction aptitude test on the Divergent twitter page? Well, in order to provide more Divergenty things for you to do as you wait for Insurgent (if you desire such things), the lovely folks over at the HC created an app called "The Choosing Ceremony", in which you get to pick factions for A. celebrities and B. your friends/family/coworkers.

I mean, obviously you would never be in a position to do this in the world of Divergent because the choice of your faction is only yours, but hey: this is fun, man. Also, I KNOW you are dying to put the Biebs in Abnegation where he is not allowed to do those little dance moves. Don't lie!

Anyway, if you are interested, said app is here on the left sidebar: 

If not, there are only 60 days until Insurgent's release! Woo!


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