Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Round-Up

I've been taking a little break recently as I wait for Insurgent copy edits (that's right, it's still not done!), which is perhaps a bad thing because the e-mails are building up-- sorry about that, everyone who has e-mailed me!

Anyway, I've been writing non-Divergenty things so that by the time I sit down to write book 3, I will feel refreshed by Tris's voice instead of used to it.

A few things have occurred, however:

I have a guest post up at The Book Smugglers about my favorites of 2011 and what I'm looking forward to in 2012. (This may or may not include postulating that everyone is either a Pride and Prejudice person, a Jane Eyre person, or a Wuthering Heights person in their heart of hearts--or a "none of the above" person, of course.)

There's a little Q&A up at Best I've Read, as well as a Divergent giveaway that is open until the 23rd. My favorite question was "If Tris and Four had to describe one another in 3 words, what 3 words would they use?" So fun to think about.

Annnnd a Goodreads interview that reveals whether there will be a love triangle in book 2. (If you're fretting about that, it's at the very end.)

And the lovely people over at Epic Reads created this highly amusing e-card for all fans of Four.

Also, Ryan Gosling has something to say to you, girl.

Mulțumesc! La revedere!



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