Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Goodreads Choice Awards NEWS


Thanks to the votes of my incredible readers, Divergent was named the Goodreads Favorite Book of 2011 AND Best YA Fantasy & Science Fiction! (In the words of my thirteen-year-old self, and sometimes my 23-year-old self: Holy. Crap.)

If you click on that link, you can watch my (short) video thank-you. But for those of you who can't watch it or would prefer to stare at gifs instead of my face, I'd like to summarize my reaction for you here:

First, shock and disbelief:

Thanks, gifsbyrachel!
And then, grateful happy dance:

Courtesy of...
I'm still sort of in disbelief, but so, so thankful for the Divergent readers for making this moment happen. You guys are fantastic.


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