Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Links to Old Posts...By Category!

I updated the FAQ page (it was a bit out of date), so if you have questions you think might be Frequently Asked, check it out!

Also, I created a huge database of links from previous blog posts, so you can look up posts by subject instead of getting lost in the blog archives. The links are on the FAQ page, but I'm going to post them here too.

Back before Divergent came out, when most of you had not found this blog yet, I did a series of amusing stunts as kind of "tests of bravery"/general ridiculousness. They're the only vlogs I've done, really, and I thought it would amuse you to see how I celebrated getting the book deal (by jumping into a bathtub full of marshmallows) and how I freaked out when I was supposed to face my fear of heights, etc. So those are in the first section, below.

My Experiences
How I Got My Agent
How I Got My Book Deal
Film Rights Sale
The Reality of Film Rights Stuff
The Time I Jumped Into A Bathtub of Marshmallows (with video)
The Time I Jumped Into A Public Fountain (with video)
The Time I Slid Down an 18-Foot Vert Ramp (with video)
The Time I Drank Pop Rocks and Coke (with video)
Some Book Recs

If what you're looking for is actual practical advice about writing, those links are here:

Concrete Writing Advice
The Backpack, a.k.a Some of the Most Useful Writing Advice I've Ever Gotten
1st Person, and Why It's Not As Easy As It Sounds
Detachment From Your Writing
Trilogies Are Like Long-Term Relationships
Trilogies Are More Like Polygamy, Actually
Dialogue, and How Grey's Anatomy Isn't So Great At It
On Sequels
Advice for Young Writers
Rules: Friends of Creativity
Redundant Sentences
Advice I Haven't Taken
How I Revise (Insurgent Edition)
Writing and Not Making Decisions
Draft-Writing Advice: Don't Look Back
Reducing Word Count
Backstory and The Maze Runner, by James Dashner
Basic Human Priorities and Story Momentum
Thoughts About Villains
Knowing Characters vs. Knowing About Characters
Insta!Love and Convincing Your Reader

I don't talk much about querying or the post-writing, pre-agent process, but these are the posts I have done about those things:

The Writing Life (Querying, Beta Readers, Etc.)
Beta Readers
Reasons Why Your Non-Writer Friends Think You're Crazy
Patience Is A Habit, Not A Virtue
The Line Between Modesty and Self-Deprecation
Advice For New Writers (Who Want to Query)
Conference Tips
On College and Being Young

I occasionally get philosophical about writing and how it relates to life (or vice versa), and those posts are here (these are some of my favorite posts, by the way):

Abstract Writing/Life Thoughts
Genre Shame is a Waste of Time
Writing and Courage
A Christian Take on Banning Speak
Writing the Ordinary
Sonnets and Failure
Writing and Anxiety
Grow Thinner Skin
The Gift of Upheaval 
About Notwriting
Freedom and Life in Stories 

And some random Divergent stuff:

Some Divergent Stuff


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