Saturday, September 17, 2011


You may have seen this already, since it was up on Entertainment Weekly's website yesterday (thanks, EW!), but I figured it would be good to post here, too. And this one is larger, for those of you who want to make it their desktop background *coughMEcough*:

All I can say is: Joel, Amy, and've done it again.

My reactions were:

1. Ooh.
3. Look, a train!

And then, when I was capable of coherent thought, I was able to appreciate the color of the clouds (which are that greenish color you get right before a storm hits-- appropriate, I think), and the fact that the tree is sort of mid-decay, with the leaves swirling away from it, and also, that little line above my name that is so very nice to see.

A few questions answered:

1. Is that tree thing the symbol of Amity? Yes.
2. What happens in the book? You'll find out soon enough.
3. When does it come out? May, 2012.
4. Can I get an ARC? You can request one, but not from me, because I'm not the one who decides where the ARCs go. I will provide you with an e-mail address to send your request to as soon as I have it. (I will put it in the FAQs and at the bottom of this post.)
5. Do you like the cover? Are you kidding? YES. And I am excited for you to read what will be behind it.

Thanks to those of you who have shared in my cover!excitement already!


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