Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Quick Note About The Writing Cave

I've been getting a good amount of requests for blog interviews and guest blogs recently, and I've had to turn all of them down, so I wanted to write a quick note about why.

A few quick questions or a few paragraphs aren't that time-consuming, but when a lot of people ask for them, they quickly become overwhelming. Also, I take a long time with interviews because I think really hard about the answers (even if the questions are light-hearted). Right now my priority is Insurgent. So I'm saying "no" for the next few months. Please don't take it personally! But I'm sure you'd rather have a sequel than a few Q&As to read!

In other news: thank you for your enthusiastic response to the title announcement yesterday! It was very encouraging. I am now motivated to write even faster...


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