Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Release Day!

For those of you who don't know already: DIVERGENT came out today! It may be available in any of the following places:

1. Your local independent bookstore
2. Your local Barnes & Noble or Borders
3. Your local Target and/or Wal-Mart
4. Online (Okay, it's definitely available there.)

I knew not to expect too much from my release day, because someone told me once that new authors tend to build it up in their heads, like you're going to wake up and the world is a different place, but in fact it is just another day until you go to a bookstore. And even then, if you're me, it's a lot like: "Oh look, there's my book! Why on earth is my book in a bookstore? Oh yeah..." I like to call this "persistent denial of good news." (PDGN. It's a serious problem.)

Here is what I did on my release day:

First, I signed stock at Barbara's Bookstores in the Chicago area. For those of you who don't know what signing stock is (because I didn't until last week), it is when you go to a bookstore and sign all the books they have there (not for people, just so they can sell a signed copy instead of an unsigned copy), and they put an "AUTOGRAPHED COPY!" sticker on the cover. I also got to meet people like...

Lydia, a buyer for Barbara's Bookstores, who was very sweet and very much on top of things. And then, since we were in the Sears Tower already, me and Jenny Sheridan (the wonderful HC sales rep who was escorting me around Chicago today) decided to go to the top because *gasp* I have never actually been up there. Check out the view:

And then, despite my intense fear of heights, I decided to stand in one of the glass boxes suspended from the side of the Sears Tower. Holy crap.

Me and Jenny...SUSPENDED IN THIN AIR! (Or so it seems.)

Look, a bunch of DIVERGENTs at the Barbara's Bookstore near UIC! Many wonderful people also work there.

After that, I went to my local Barnes and Noble to see if they had put DIVERGENT out yet. And there, at the top of the escalator by the teen section, was this stand. With a book missing already!

And that's me, pretending that I am not, in fact, posing for a picture in the middle of a Barnes and Noble.

Then, some relaxing, and a celebratory dinner, and some more relaxing. Every so often I checked Twitter and there was more D-related congratulations and well wishes piling up in my Mentions column. (That was a lot of Twitter jargon. Sorry, non-twitterers.)

Other things that happened today:

1. My interview with MTV.com went up today
2. As did my interview with Kody Keplinger over at YA Highway!
3. And Amazon named Divergent a Best Book of the Month for May
4. And the people in School and Library Marketing at the HC posted some great pictures
6. And so did I.
7. This didn't happen today, but I haven't mentioned it yet (mostly because I didn't have anywhere to link to, and I rely on links to do the talking for me). But Divergent was selected as #1 on the Indies Top 10 Summer 2011 Kids' Indie Next List: Inspired Recommendations for Kids from Indie Booksellers. What an honor. Seriously.

So, thank you for reading as I talk incessantly about myself. And thank you, everyone who has been commenting on blog posts and tweeting and e-mailing-- your support is wonderful, and continues to mean a lot to me. I hope you like my book!


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