Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Like I'm SEVENTEEN Again...

So, in case you've all been wondering if I fell off the face of the earth and into some kind of dark abyss: I haven't, really. I have been hard at work finishing the first draft of D2, and will be depriving myself of most Internet usage until I accomplish that task. But this is an exception, because something COOL happened.

A little while ago I got an e-mail asking me for a photo, because...*dramatic pause*...Ann Shoket, the editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine wanted to include it in her Editor's Letter for the March issue. Immediately I ran to my computer (okay, I didn't run, because I was sitting right there) and e-mailed my sister, because she and I used to get Seventeen when we were younger (or rather, she got it, and I stole it from her.). And we had a little freakout moment together. It was wonderful.

The other day while I was in the glamorous town of Stockton, IL, I bought a copy of Seventeen in the local grocery store. Let me tell you: I have experienced nothing more bizarre than purchasing a magazine that has my face in it.

To Ann Shoket and everyone over at Seventeen: thank you for this extremely cool experience. And for liking Divergent!

And to everyone else, here's the page so you can see it:

If you're of Seventeen age, I encourage you to go out and get the magazine itself.

Heck, even if you're not.

I'm going to retreat into my writing cave again. Hopefully I'll be out soon!


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