Friday, January 28, 2011

Rounding Up Assorted News Items

ITEM 1: Across the Universe

Maybe you've heard of it. It's not just a Beatles-themed musical/movie. It's a young adult sci-fi mystery. It's the book I'm currently dying to get back to, but have to do work first. It's also a NYT bestseller.

I had the pleasure of meeting Beth Revis last week at ABA Winter Institute (which I will discuss at greater length next week), and she is A. sweet and B. seemingly unaware of how awesome she is. A winning combination.

Anyway, here's a video in which many writers congratulate her by dancing on camera:

And here's a post in which I congratulate her in a somewhat lamer way:

CONGRATULATIONS BETH! From what I can tell so far, your book totally warrants it.

Item 2: Book Covers

My friend Michelle Hodkin wrote this unique, amazing book called (tantalizingly) The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. It will be out in the fall. I will talk about it at length some other time. But recently the cover appeared on the Internet as if from nowhere, and I sighed and said, "Perfection."

Because: kinda hot? Check. Kinda creepy? Also check. Visually appealing? Triple check. Perfect for the book, and perfect for covers generally. Here, enjoy:

I also spent too much time drooling over this:

I love how it kind of messes with your mind. And that it's clean, intriguing, and beautiful. I also can't wait to read it.

ITEM 3: Look!

DIVERGENT was on PW yesterday! So many wonderful things were said in that article. I sincerely hope that the book in some way measures up to those things. In any case, though, going to ABA Winter Institute was a great experience, and I love booksellers.

That is all.


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