Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Inquiry for Blog Readers

It's no secret I haven't been posting as much lately, and part of that is because I'm hard at work on the rough draft of D2, but part of it is because I'm no longer sure what to say. Not that I don't have a million things to say, but this blog is less for me spilling my thoughts all the time and more for the enrichment of the people reading it (I hope), and I'm not sure what you guys are interested in hearing.

So, I wanted to know: does anyone have any questions? About me? About the book? About the book publishing process? About writing? About living in the Midwest? About...tea? (These are my only areas of expertise.)

I may not be able (or if they're really personal, willing) to answer all of them, but if you want to e-mail me at, or ask in the comments, I think your questions could inspire some worthwhile blog posts.


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