Friday, July 23, 2010

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Two nights ago I received one of those emails you never think you're going to get, also known as the email that contained my publishing contract.

And as I browsed the first three pages, one thing in particular stood out to me:



my book.

I know what you're thinking. "Duh, Veronica. They bought it in APRIL. You went to their HEADQUARTERS and ogled at their pretty board room. Get a grip."

But I am telling you that even after I got The Phone Calls and announced everything on Twitter and the blog and saw the PM announcement with my own two eyes; even after I jumped into a tub of marshmallows to celebrate; even after I shook hands with people I never thought I would meet; even after I did my best to wrap my entire body around the HarperCollins pillar; even after I talked covers and jacket flap copy and revised the crap out of my manuscript and it was sent to the still didn't feel real.

And then it was on paper. In writing.

And I thought: "No, really. Really, actually, legitimately...published."

Here are some factoids about contracts:

1. They are long. Mine is 16 pages, single-spaced. And oh so pretty.

2. One copy is not enough. See also: my conversation with The Editor of Wonder yesterday.

Molly: "You only sign your first contract once."

Me: "True. Well, actually, you sign it four times."
3. Signing those four copies will probably make you smile like THIS:

4. You may be tempted to sleep with them under your pillow. But you should not. Because then they will get wrinkly. Also, what are you doing waiting an entire night to send them? FEDEX THEM BACK ALREADY.

5. They take a long time to compile. You may think that because you got your book deal last week, the contract should be coming your way any day now, but that is not the case. They take months to get together, and that's a good thing. That means that everyone is being careful about what the contract says. The crazy-awesomeness of mine only taking 3 months to assemble does not escape me. It is thanks to some pretty fantastic people doing some pretty fantastic things.

I think those are the only factoids I have to share. If I missed something, let me know.

Quick summary, though:


(Also: did you see the Publisher's Weekly Spring Sneak Preview? Because DIVERGENT is in it! There, now I've freaked out on all social media platforms.)


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