Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MONTH ONE: Fear of Public Humiliation

There's one thing I didn't tell you guys about BEA.

While I was sitting at the table with all the awesome Harper people, I made a promise to myself. (And to them, really, because I did tell them my idea. Yesss.)

The last time I made this kind of promise, I ended up jumping into a bathtub of mini marshmallows. Just so you know.

This time, the promise was: I will perform one ridiculous act every month until the book comes out.

Why, you ask? Several reasons:

1. It's fun.

2. I have to occupy myself somehow, or I will go crazy with excitement.

3. I am not a bold or adventurous person. I never have been. I get nervous talking to strangers on the phone or ordering at restaurants I'm unfamiliar with. I refuse to ride rollercoasters or carnival rides. I have trouble killing spiders. Basically, I am nothing like the main character of DIVERGENT. She has to undergo several ordeals throughout the book that force her to face her fears, and her fears make my fears look insubstantial. Miniscule. Puny.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I'd like to be a little more like her, in that respect. I'd like to tackle some of the little things that freak me out. They may not seem like much to some of you, but keep in mind that you are dealing with a very cautious and sensible and introverted person, here. I don't do wacky. (I know this sounds strange, coming from someone who jumped into a bathtub full of marshmallows, but that was WAY out of character for me.)

My hope is also that I can incorporate as much of Chicago as I can, because DIVERGENT is set there and I'd like to show you it.

And now, we come to this month, also known as Month #1.

There are these fountains in Millenium Park (one of the top tourist destinations in Chicago, involving a gelatinous-looking metal bean the size of a house, some great vegetation, some eateries, etc.) that are basically 50-foot pillars of LED screens depicting human faces. Every so often those faces spew a stream of water from their mouths.

I've always wanted to jump into a fountain.

But I'm afraid of doing anything that might draw attention to myself.

Hence this stunt.


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