Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Divergent Playlist

One thing that revising does to me is it makes me feel compelled to share what songs I'm listening to in order to get through it. I've been posting links to some of the songs on Twitter, but the talented Michelle Hodkin suggested I post the full list on the blog, and I thought that was maybe a good idea.

I'm a little sensitive about playlists, because when I find songs to write to, I don't really consider what genre the music is or how respectable the band is or any of that. If it makes me think of Divergent characters or scenes, it's on the playlist, no matter how I feel about the artist as a whole. But I think it's time to get over it and just post the darn thing.

I do want to mention a few things that I think are cool, though.


The Flyleaf CD came out around the time I started to write Divergent, and it was by listening to several of those songs that I came up with the plot. Really. I would put on the song and all these ideas would just pour into my brain. It was insane. That's why four of their songs are on the playlist. But the most important one is "Chasm." Because that song helped me nail down Divergent's tone.

Also, "Again" is the one I listen to when I need to get in the main character + love interest mode. I know it's a song about God, so that doesn't make much sense, works for me.


I don't really listen to Evanescence anymore (not because I don't like them, but because I think I over-listened), but I can't help but give a nod to "Sweet Sacrifice." Four years ago, I was driving to Minnesota (where I used to go to college) and I had to unplug my iPod so I could plug in a heating pad for my super messed-up back (which was even more messed up at the time than it is now). So I had to put in a CD if I wanted music, and one of the only ones I had was The Open Door by Evanescence. "Sweet Sacrifice" came on, and I was too lazy to change it, even though I didn't really like the song that much. And it was because I listened to it that I came up with Divergent's world, at least the early version of it. Something about the line "fear is only in our minds, but it's taking over all the time" in combination with: my fascination with group dynamics, the video I had just watched on exposure therapy in Psychology 101, and my desperate need to ignore my back pain enough to not get hit by that truck. What truck? THAT ONE OVER THERE, AHHH!

It's weird how little things like that lead you to such interesting places.

Anyway, here it is. I didn't put all the songs I've listened to on here, because there are a jillion, and a lot of them aren't available on But most of the important ones are here.

Do you guys have playlists? If so, please share some songs. I'm looking for new writing music.

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