Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RTW: You + $$$ = ?

I considered posting a video of me blinking one eye at a time to see who else can do that, but then I remembered that it's Road Trip Wednesday over at YA Highway, and I haven't participated in awhile (because I live in Crazy Town, Population 1), so I'm going to do that instead.

Today's question is: if you had the insane success of S.Meyer and JK (I talk about them like they're my homies), what would you do with all that $$$?

I am more prepared to answer this question than I should be, I think. Because I have a step by step list.

1. Buy a house. Also: get married. It's already part of the plan, but if we had major $$$, we could do it sooner. Anyway, when I say "house," I don't mean "giant monstrosity." I mean a nice little house with a nice little yard...possibly in Green Lake, Wisconsin...where the view out my windows would look like this...

2. Donate. I have an organization in mind. Particularly given some of the themes Divergent (briefly) touches on. And some of the problems the kids in my old high school seem to be facing recently. I will probably go into this more at a later date.

3. Invest. Yes, I really am that lame person who answers this question this way.

4. At that point, after all my sensible uses of money are done, I would do the following things:

A. Fill a pool with mini marshmallows and jump into it.
B. Rent out a cafeteria and have a GIANT FOOD FIGHT. Really.
C. Statewide scavenger hunt. A few groups of people, a few strategically placed clues in the wilderness of Illinois...funtimes all around.
D. I would go to this site and go totally nuts. For example, I would purchase this LED faucet light that changes color depending on the temperature of your water:


(Can you IMAGINE the ridiculousness? I CAN.)

But really, after all is said and done, what I would mostly do with a whole lot of cash is WRITE ALL THE TIME. Day jobs? Pshh. Who needs them? If I could just set up a nice little room in which I could write all day and supply myself with infinite tea, I'd be pretty much good.


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