Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RTW: Writing Places

I haven't done this in awhile, but over at YA Highway there's a thing called "Road Trip Wednesday," in which you can answer their question on your blog and then bounce around other people's blogs reading their answers. Did I make that sound confusing enough? Okay. Good.

This week's question: where is your favorite place to read/write?

I have what I like to call Screen-Looking Paranoia. That means that when other people are directly next to me or behind me, and could potentially read what's on my screen, I freak out and make my font so small I can barely read it myself and basically can't get any writing done. Therefore my options for public places to write are limited, unless I can find a place where my back is to a wall and no one is near me. So my favorite place is...

1. At my desk, in my room...

...with the door closed and my headphones on. Also, my desk has to be clean. Like...Spartan clean.

2. On the train, on the top level where the single seats are.

The train is a place where you are surrounded by people but no one talks to you. I also like the feeling of being in motion, for some reason.

3. In the library. Reference section.

Don't ask me "why Reference?" because I have no idea. Study carroll:

4. On my bed.

Sometimes the desk chair hurts my non-cushioned butt, so I migrate to the bed. Apparently doing homework/writing/whatever on your bed during the day isn't good for you, because it trains your body to think that the bed is a place of awake-ness instead of sleep-ness, and then you won't sleep as well at night. So I try to avoid the bed before I'm ready to actually sleep, but sometimes I just say "ah, screw it."

So there they are. Some of my favorite writing places.


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