Thursday, February 11, 2010

Enjoy the Random!

Item 1

I figured I would do a quick update, since I haven't teased or talked about anything I'm writing in awhile.

TM (the first thing I ever completed) is now in the trunk until future notice/until I figure out what to do with it. Deciding this was a relief, which is why I figure it's probably a good decision.

Divergent, which I've been babbling about for a few weeks now, is all shined up and query-ready. The first set of beta comments I got back included no major structural changes, so I made the edits and stared at it until I thought my brain might explode and then I decided to just jump on the query train already.

WIPs: I have two. I can't decide which one to go with (and I need to focus on one, because I'm not so good at splitting the focus). When I do, I'll probably chatter about that one.

Item 2

I've found some interesting websites/articles on The Interwebs recently that I thought I would share.

1. Biologically Immortal Jellyfish?

Yeah, that's right. AND I QUOTE: A jellyfish’s lifespan usually ranges from somewhere between a few hours for the smallest species to several months and rarely to a few years for the bigger species. How does the only 4-5 mm long Turritopsis nutricula (let’s call it T’nut) manage to beat the system? Well, T’nut is able to transform between medusa and polyp stage, thereby reverting back from mature to immature stage and escaping death.

2. Girl With No...Lady Business...Gets Pregnant?!

'Nuff said.

3. Wouldn't this make a great writer's retreat?

4. These would be even more awesome if I didn't think butterflies were gross. That's right, I said it. I think butterflies are gross. They are just normal bugs with pretty wings intended to distract you from their bug-ness. But still, enjoy these photographs.


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