Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chicago Winters

For those of you who don't know, Chicago in the winter is a vast white wasteland that streaks your shoes with salt and makes you think that you know what the world will look like post-apocalypse/post-destructive-alien-invasion.

The reason I'm talking about this is that it's a huge part of my life and, let's face it. Sometimes you just need to complain a little.

Here are the things that are now part of my consciousness simply because of winter:

1. I want to go outside. Let me put on a pair of leggings (under jeans), a second pair of socks, a pair of faux-fur-lined boots, and a second sweatshirt. Then I will wrap a scarf around the lower half of my face, find my gloves, and put on my knee-length down jacket with a fur-lined hood, zip myself in, and walk around looking like an idiot:

(Yeah, that's me. Hi.)

2. I am out of vegetables. I could walk one hundred yards to the grocery store, or I could preserve my sanity and stay in here and eat grilled cheese instead.

3. Sometimes, when the wind blows just right, I can't smile because the air hurts my teeth.

4. I better shower now, because in two and a half hours I have to go outside and I don't want my hair to freeze. (It. Happens.)

5. How many cups of tea have I had today? Seven? There's room for one more. I need it to warm my hands as I walk to class. Through my gloves.

6. Maybe I should let myself get fatter. You know, just for insulation.

7. It's 32 degrees today-- that's BALMY! Let me trade in my Ridiculous Coat for a fleece jacket! Where are my sandals?

8. I just got an email from Northwestern telling me that the Frostbite Express bus line will be running tomorrow. I may or may not stay huddled under the covers all day.

9. A few days ago I stopped waving to people I know on the way to class. Because I don't recognize them in all their outerwear.

10. Crap. My glasses fog up every time I enter a building. As if I didn't have enough things making me look stupid right now.

And now, for your viewing pleasure...a reminder of SPRING!


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