Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Thoughts

Today I realized that I have a system for eating M&Ms. I eat them in a particular order: orange, green, red, and yellow. And once I'm down to the blue and brown ones, I eat them in pairs of blue and brown. Because I like the color combination. They look nice together.

I've always been of the "save the best for last" camp. I used to eat the cookie part of the Twix first and save the caramel until later. I eat around the outside of a sandwich first to preserve the crustless middle. I eat my vegetables first on any given plate of food.

It didn't occur to me that not everyone thinks this way until today, as I was downing two little bags of M&Ms in the presence of others.

Also, most of the pictures on my phone are of cats. Do I have a cat? No. Figure that one out.


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