Thursday, September 3, 2009

Page 35

Every single thing I have ever written runs out of steam at page 35.

Except TM. But I'll get to that.

At first, when I realized this, I wondered what was up with page 35. Why does it suck so much? Or is there something wrong with me? But now that I've thought it over, I realized it makes perfect sense. Page 35 is just after all the characters and setting tend to be established, so right after The Beginning (or around there). And then I have to figure out how to transition from The Beginning to The Action, and for some reason...that is really freaking difficult for me.

TM was a weird case. First of all, I wrote seven versions of that story, all of which deflated after about fifty pages. I never expected any of them to amount to anything-- it was the story I was writing while I figured out what to do with my novel, which has since gotten filed and is collecting dust in a folder somewhere. When I finally sat down to write the version of TM that actually lasted, I wrote the Big Event first and continued from there, and then went back and wrote the beginning when the Brandon Heath CD came out (for some reason).

I never break from chronology like that. Apparently it worked. Maybe I should do it again with the thing I'm writing now. Now if only I could find a way out of this full outfit of sweats and do something productive.

Also, the guy who came to deliver...whatever he's delivering...just now probably thinks I'm an idiot. I answered the door wearing huge sweatpants and a giant sweatshirt with my hair all messy and didn't know what the date was and had no idea where he should deliver the furniture (right! furniture). Eventually he told me the date and I told him to put it in the garage, which in retrospect is probably not the right decision, but I had no idea what the man was saying. Then I went inside and lay on the ground and wondered why I have this tendency to make an idiot of myself on a regular basis. Oh well.

When I do finally manage to get dressed, I'm going to try breaking from chronological order and see if that helps me. I'll let you know if it does, because that will be a breakthrough in the fight against writer's block (which I have always maintained is just laziness in disguise...and that seems truer now than ever before, since I've been watching Top Chef for two days now).


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