Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Raccoons, Cutsies, and Revision Goals.

Here is my question: why are there so many dead raccoons on the side of the road on route 59?

Story time: one time, I shot a baby goose in the eye. It was not on purpose. I was aiming this little pellet gun we have at the butt of a big goose to get it to GET THE HECK OFF OUR BEACH, because the large and irritating geese poop everywhere and I would like to be able to walk in my back yard without stepping in crap. The pellets in this gun sting big geese, but don't hurt them, and it teaches them not to come back. Case in point: we have very few geese haunting our beach at the moment, so HA. Anyway, I have poor aim and I shot a baby goose and it died and it's very sad.

Okay, you know what? It's not that sad. There are so many freaking geese around here. Did I cry when it died? No.

The point of this story is to establish that I am not easily affected by dead animals. But there are so many dead raccoons! And they aren't the big, nasty raccoons that hiss at you when you take out the trash at night. They're these little baby raccoons with tiny paws and limbs sticking out at unnatural angles. Fluffy. Cute. What's with all the death?

Also, I have a message for a certain kind of person. There are four construction zones on the way to Naperville from Barrington. All of those zones require the right lane to merge with the left lane. So I dutifully get in the left lane at my earliest convenience and wait patiently in line with everyone else to get past the zone. The line usually goes back about a half mile, on a bad day. And there is always at least one butthole who zooms to the front of the line from who knows how far back and wedges his stupid car right in front of someone who has been sitting there for ten minutes. It's the adult version of cutting in line. So my message is: no cutsies, jerkface. Wait your turn.

In other news, I have 40,000 words finished in my revision of TM. I figure I have 35,000 to 40,000 left to write/adapt from the old draft. My goal is to have at least finished this draft, without a read over, by Sunday, and to send my partial in on Monday with the synopsis. There. Now that it's written down and floating around in the ether, maybe it will actually happen.

35,000 words in five days...that's 7,000 words a day. Crazy talk, Veronica. Crazy talk.


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