Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fist? Meet Face. Maybe.

I am so bored.

Do you want to know what kind of bored I am? I am not just "look at the clock every two minutes" bored. Nor am I merely "so bored I think I'm hungry" bored. I am officially "considering punching myself hard in the face just to have something to do" bored. I just got up, washed out my water bottle, filled it with water, fixed my hair, went to the bathroom, and moseyed back to my desk and only four minutes had passed. Why do I move so quickly? It's probably the tall thing.

I don't know how much I can talk about what I'm proofreading right now, because it isn't published, but suffice it to say it relates to business and my mind is numb. If this book was a class, I would not even consider taking it for a moment. Therefore, proofreading what seems like a textbook about this topic is pure torture. And here's the worst part: the more bored I am, the more tired I feel. The more tired I feel, the slower I work. The slower I work, the longer it will take to finish. And the longer it takes to finish, the longer I have to wait before someone gives me something interesting to do.

I have forty minutes to go before I can haul butt out of here. Don't get me wrong: this publisher is awesome and I'm happy I'm an intern and it's been a great experience and whatnot, but this project in particular might cause my brain to spontaneously combust. Especially since the partially written revised draft of TM is sitting there STARING at me as I work.



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